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What would you do if there was an armed intruder?

How would your building occupants know if there was an armed intruder?

How long would it take someone to dial 911?

How long would it take the police to show up?

How are you communicating info during an emergency event?

It doesn't have to be this way

You shouldn't have to worry about how well your safety plan will be implemented.

We believe that students, teachers, and employees should feel safe when they are at school/work.

Automated Responses
Real Time
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Notify Police.

Notify Building Occupants.

Kickstart Communication.

With the press of a button.

Rapid Emergency Response System

Edge Analytics.

Smart Notifications.

Intrusion Integration.

Forensic Search.

IP Cameras
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Intrusion Alarm.

Motion Detection.

Door Prop Notifications.

Full Time Monitoring.

Intrusion and Monitoring
Monitoring Room

Automated Alarms.

Facial Recognition.

Real Time Notifications.

Intelligent Search.

Video Management Software

Life Safety Communication.

Professional Quality Music.

Fully Supervised.

Easy Deployment.

Public Address System & Audio

What People are Saying

“If you cut down the response time by even a minute, that's countless lives you could be saving.”

“I feel a lot safer because we have security guards and we've had them, but sometimes a security guard isn't the one who sees the intruder, it's one of the students and they don't know what to do.”

“Stay Safe Technology has been incredibly professional, responsive, and fun to work with. They have made our BluePoint installation experience positive for our entire district!!!”

Bryan, Director of Safety Illinois

High School Student, Colorado

David Pratt, District 49 Colorado Springs

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